ChineseFrench, Spanish classes for kids in the Washington DC area

Language immersion classes for kids in Ashburn, Bethesda, Fairfax

Our classes Language Planet DC Foreign language immersion classes for kids

All of our classes are taught in full immersion, which means the teacher only speaks in the target language throughout the class, using context to be comprehensible and inviting the children to interact using the target language. Research shows that this is the most effective way for a child to learn a second language.  While adults may find this style confusing, it is very natural for children.  
Classes are conducted through fun activities such as games, role playing, movements, music and art projects.
We limit the number of children per class to 6 to make sure that each child has the attention that she or he deserves. foreign language immersion classes for kids in Washington

Spanish - Our most popular language and a very important one for the United States given the growing population of Spanish-speakers in this country.  We teach Latin American Spanish rather than Castillian.

French - Many of the students in these classes come from families where French is spoken by one or both parents.  These classes are also popular with parents who love French culture and want to expose their children to the French language at an early age.

Chinese - Nobody can deny the importance of China and the cultural, economic and political implications it has on the rest of the world.  These classes attract heritage learners as well as parents who want their children to have a great appreciation of this major player on the world stage.

Age Groups *
6 -12 months - We conduct 45-minute "Baby and me" classes for parents who are interested in having their children hear the sounds of a second language.  These classes are focused as much on the parent as they are on the child.  You will learn tips for incorporating a second language in the daily routine with your child.  And there are so many opportunities: bath time, getting dressed, nap time, going to the park - all great times to introduce a second language.

1 - 3 year-old - These "Toddler and me" classes last 60 minutes and are conducted in full immersion.  A parent or caregiver is required to be with the child and is asked to participate during the class.

3 - 5 year-old - 80-minute long drop off classes conducted in full immersion, with age appropriate activities.

6 years old and up - 90-minute long drop off classes conducted in full immersion, with age appropriate activities.  Some reading and writing may be introduced in these classes.

Enrichment program in your school: Add value to your students’ school experience with foreign language classes by Language Planet DC.

Full immersion program delivered at your school

·30-60 minute classes, once or twice a week
·Custom designed programs available
·Activity-based program: role-play, games, movements, art and music
·We supply all teaching/class materials
·Excellent instructors: native-speakers and experienced in foreign language education
·Payment can be made either by school or directly by parents

Webcam classes
Available to students ages 6 and older. Students will have the opportunity to participate in series of 30-minute webcam classes that will reinforce online material learned in class as well as to accommodate family travel plans.
Webcam classes are also available to any children 5 and up as a class option for convenience or reinforcement.

* From time to time, age groups will be combined.

We will always form specialty classes for a group of at least 4 students.  Home schoolers or classes focused on reading and writing are popular.

We are also happy to form a private class - ask about rates.