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"My child has been taking Spanish classes for a couple of years now with Language Planet and also recently added Chinese. The almost one on one attention and dedicated and creative teachers and admin staff are a huge plus. The classes have been a great experience and exposure for my child and are excellent value for money. I couldn't recommend them more highly."F.H.

"We enrolled our child in French class as a baby. After two years, her ability to speak and understand French has blossomed. Her interest in the language has also exploded. She asks, almost daily, how to say various words in French. We owe our child's love of the language and growing facility with French, in large part, to Madame Emilie. Her enthusiasm, knowledge and genuine enjoyment in teaching children result in our child's constant desire to go to French class and keep us coming back to Madame Emilie time and again." - Susan - 09/12/2011

​"We LOVE Mme. Emilie!  My son, Theo has been a student of Mme. Emilie since he was 2 years old; he's now 5 1/2 years old.  His progress in French has been remarkable.  It is sheer joy for my husband and me when, unprompted, Theo starts speaking French in the course of his everyday activities. - And his accent is great!  He is also very proud to say that he is bilingual.  Mme. Emilie is truly special and has an amazing way with children.  She makes the learning process FUN and her lesson plans are always sensitive to the age/capacity of her pupils.  We are very thankful for the exceptional instruction she has given our son and would HIGHLY recommend her to interested parents and students." - Renee A. - 09/05/2011

"My son has been taking Chinese with Anna for over a year.  Anna is extremely patient, kind and highly qualified.  Tate's knowledge of Chinese has greatly improved under Anna's tutelage.  We have been impressed with the quality of his Chinese language education and recommend Anna to anyone interested in learning Chinese!" - Angi -

​09/13/2011"Our son just turned 6 and has been taking Chinese class at the Language Planet DC for a year.  It has been a positive experience for him and for us.  The class sizes are small so he gets plenty of individual attention.  The teachers are great and they manage to keep the lessons fun which really helps keep the children engaged and eager to learn a new language.  We look forward to another year of classes!" - Todd & Elizabeth -

​09/08/2011"We are very pleased with Mrs. Emilie and her educational institute. Mrs. Emilie is proficient and an excellent teacher. Her expertise in child education and foreign language qualifies her as one of the most top rated teacher in metropolitan area in my opinion. Her integration of safe exploration, constructive playtime along with education makes learning a pleasure rather than a task for most of her students.We look forward to many years of learning with her and her excellent educational program." - Solomon family - 10/06/2011

​Just by chance I singed up my three year old for a trial French lesson with Emilie.  He hasn't missed a class since then.  I can wake my son up in the car by whispering in his ear "do you want to go to Emilie?" and his eyes will instantly open, and he is out and running to his French lesson.  Emilie is a gifted teacher and has a way with children.  She can work with various levels within the same class and always manages to keep my son asking for more.L.D.

"Our 8 year-old daughter has been attending classes for about 3 months now, and we are very, very pleased. More importantly, our daughter loves her classes, and would take them every day if she could. I've worked in language education for over 20 years, and 

I've never known a better teacher than Ms. Emilie.  If you are looking to enroll your kid in a language class, I don't think you could make a better decision than to enroll them here."B.H.

"We have been taking french classes with Language Planet DC for over a year now. Not only is Ms. Emilie a native speaker, but she is an outstanding teacher and amazing with children. The lesson plans are always fun and engaging. My child absolutley adores Ms. Emilie and can't wait to go back to class every week. I would recommend Ms. Emile and Language Planet to anyone who is looking for language classes."A.N.